Bar Snob

About Us

We, Snob, can provide the place to forget their “snobbish pride itself” and be themselves for customers.
Wanna talk about things on your mind? Have global conversations? Share your love and passion? We’ve got you covered. Through the service of our well-professional bartenders, and the owner who used to work in the financial industry and be called “snobbish bitch whore”, we hope Snob can provide you a Fabulous Night!

About Covid-19

Hence we opened bar Snob in the midst of this pandemic in August, we seriously strive to provide a safe and secure space for our customers by sterilizing the bar, air ventilation and other precautions.

Upon your arrival at bar Snob, we ask you to:

  • Have your body temperature measured by the contactless thermometer.
  • Watch your hands or use the alcoholic hand sanitizer.

For customers with concerns, we have also made every Monday and Tuesday “Reservation Only” and up to two groups of customers can enter bar Snob. Protective partition between the two groups is available upon request. Monday and Tuesday will be regular business day if there’s no reservation by the day before. 

Business Hours

Sunday 20:00 - 

Monday 20:00 - 

Tuesday 20:00 - 

Wednesday 20:00 -
(2nd and 4th Wed: Reservation only)

Thursday CLOSE

Friday 20:00 - 
Saturday 20:00 - 

For reservation, please contact us by Line or phone (03-6380-5730).


Shot Charge - 2,000yen

Bottle Charge - 2,000yen

Tax - 10%, Service charge - 5%
Cash discount is available for Service charge.


Shochu bottle 5,000 JPY ~

Whisky 10,000 JPY ~

Cocktails 1,000 JPY ~

Beer 1,000 JPY

Wine 10,000 JPY ~

Champagne 16,000 JPY ~

For details please visit “Drink" page. 

About “Reservation Only” Option

If you want to have a drink with some concern about the covid-19 situation, every Monday and Tuesday will be Reservation Only, we only allow up to 2 groups of customers to enter bar Snob, adjusting the time by 2-hour unit. The price will stay the same. This option also works for customers who don’t like smoking environment. 


Room 202, 藤井ビル(Fujii Building), 2-Chome-13-16, Shinjuku, Shinjuku City, Tokyo

Tel: 03-6380-5730

Enter from the lane next to “Campy! Bar” on 仲通り(Nakadori - Main street in 2chome), walk for about 50 meters and Bar Snob is at 2nd floor of the building on the right side.